Why Are Diamonds often used in Jewelry?

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What is it that makes these stylish crystals so popular and desirable among all? Why do women love to wear it, and why isn’t any jewelry complete without gold and diamond?

The World of Diamonds – How do you find the right one?

The diamond can be a girl’s best friend, but it has remained one of the most sought after items by men too. All over the world diamond jewelry holds immense value and demand making it one of the expensive gems in the industry.

But why diamonds are used so frequently in jewelry?

Let’s find out!

Diamond has a Rich History

The Greeks thought of diamonds as the tears of gods while the Romans viewed it as dust originating from the stars in the sky. Diamond has long been associated with royalty and class finding its use in crowns and royal jewelry back in medieval Europe.

Diamonds portray aristocracy and royalty and represent everything sophisticated, beautiful and desirable.

Love and Relationship

Diamonds are associated with love and commitment and are the most preferred stone for engagement rings. For ages men have gifted the women of their dreams with diamond rings and jewelry to show their never ending love and seek their hand in marriage.

The trend still continues today and we find men of almost every culture buying diamond rings for their partners.

Diamonds are Precious

Diamonds are not available in every country and their supply is limited. The demand for the precious stone is also very high which further makes it highly sought.

Diamonds are expensive and speak of status and class for the person who wears it.

Long Lasting

Diamond is toughest of all natural minerals and is resistant to scratch. It cannot be broken or chipped so easily.

This sturdiness makes it one of the most durable gems. Your diamond jewelry can be handed down generation after generations setting a family legacy.

Diamonds are the earth’s one of the most spectacular natural materials with impressive attributes and physical properties. It is no wonder that they widely used in jewelry all over the world.